Waffle Spot Illustration

Burger and Fry Go Trick-or-Treating

Materials Study

Magic Doorway – Sticky Steps

Felon Fudge (1/6 Saccharine Sinners Series)

American Deli Calendar – Fried Rice

Foyer Light Study

Booth’s Corner Advertisement Illustration

American Deli Calendar – Burger

1920's Assets

The Secret Garden Book Cover

Old Man Moon

Summer Day Picnic Assets

Hansel and Gretel Book Cover

Caveman Cotton Candy (2/6 Saccharine Sinners Series)

MartianMallow (Saccharine Sinners Series 3/6)

Cookie Carny (Saccharine Sinners Series 4/6)

Good Humor Ice Cream Advertisement Illustration

Little Red Riding Hood Book Cover

Rumpelstiltskin Book Cover

Christmas Card 2020

Roscato Advertisement Illustration

Fairy Mushroom House

“Through the Fire”

Goddess Hecate

Dessert Illustration

Farmer Pig Character

Dessert Illustration

“Squirt” Logo Study

Storybook Character Lineup